Good attendance is very important for your child. The government have set a target for all academies and schools for children to attend over 96%. Missing even a few days can cause your child’s attendance to drop below this target.

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Please read our attendance policy.

Focus-Trust Attendance Policy – July 2016

Focus-Trust Position Statement on Attendance and Fixed Penalty Notices May 2016

Weekly attendance statistics for each class

Attendance RAG letter

weekly attendance 2 July to 6th July

weekly attendance 9 July to 13th July

Academic year 2018-19

weekly attendance 17th September – 21st September

weekly attendance 24th September – 28th September

weekly attendance 1st October – 4th October

weekly attendance 8th October – 12th October

weekly attendance 22nd October – 26th October

weekly attendance 5th November – 9th November