Sports Premium

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Sports Premium

The Government has allocated substantial amounts of money to Primary schools to improve the quality of PE and sport provision in schools. This amount was initially a £8000 lump sum plus £5 per pupil from Years 1-6, for the academic year 2013/14 and again for 2014/15. This has now been extended and each Primary school can expect to receive approximately £9250 per year up to the year 2020. Schools can choose how to spend the money but it must be used to improve the provision of PE and sport.

The table below details how we spent our Sports Premium Funding- for full details click on the full report.

FULL REPORT-    sports-premium-funding-2015 2016 new version

Amount of Sports Premium funding  
2013 – 2014  £  8000 +   £5 per pupil ( based on 410 pupils)= £10 050
2014 – 2015  £ 8000 + £5 per head (based on 440 pupils)= £10 200


Evaluation/ reflection 2013 2014Prior to introduction of Sports Premium funding   what were the issues faced by the academy?What were identified as the key priorities moving   forward?
 Low levels of children accessing after school sports After school clubs therefore tended to focus on   teacher strengths such as art / DT rather than sport- issues re children   attending mosqueFew opportunities for children to access any   other sport other than that offered through PE curriculum due to low incomes   of majority of families.
 Lack of adequate sports facitlities outside.  Adequate Inside provision for PEOutside provision- issues with safety and   suitability for teaching sport to a high standardMUGA needed
 Low confidence re teaching of PE across majority of teaching staff-Lack of training Little training on teacher training courses for   PE resulted in many teachers lacking confidence in their teaching of the   subject.Differentiation not clear in majority of   sessions.Progression of skills not clear across year   groups.