About Statutory Information

Statutory Information

All schools and academies are required to publish a range of information on their website. This page provides this information or tells you where to find it.Statutory information is highlighted in red.

SATS results 2019:

Please see our latest SATs results and other performance measures below:

Assessment summary July 2019 Boothroyd


Complaints procedure: either click on the link below for a copy of our complaints procedure and the whistle blowing policy or visit the focus trust website to access.

The document below outlines the outcomes from our most recent end of Key Stage (statutory) assessments.

Charges and Remission policy

Please see the Focus Trust policy page for the latest policies https://www.focus-trust.co.uk/information/focus-trust-policies/

School performance tables
Please click here to access the national School Performance Tables.http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/performance/
Pupil Premium information
Schools receive additional funding for any pupils who have been eligible for free school meals during the last six years; pupils who are looked after by the local authority or who are in care and for pupils from families where a parent serves in the armed forces. This money is known as the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG). There is a separate page detailing how this money has been spent and the impact for our children.
Curriculum information
Please see separate web page outlining details of our curriculum.
Contact information
Please see separate web page outlining contact details for our academy.
Admission arrangements
Please see separate web page outlining details about admission arrangements.
Please see separate web page outlining our expectations regarding behaviour.
School ethos and values
Please see separate web page outlining our vision.SEND and inclusionPlease see separate web page outlining our arrangements for pupils with SEND.

Disability Accessibility Plan Jan 2018


Ofsted report

The most recent inspection report can be accessed via the Ofsted website – www.ofsted.gov.uk

We encourage all our parents and carers to contribute to the Parent View website. Parent View is run by Ofsted to obtain feedback from parents about their school/academy. There is a link to the Parent View website on the homepage of this website.

Academy-specific information

Because we are an academy, we are required to publish details of our annual accounts, memorandum and articles of association and Funding Agreement. These can be found on the website of the Focus-Trust: www.focus-trust.co.uk