Rolls Royce STEM project

We are over the moon to announce that out of over 1000 entries, we are one of only 6 finalists for the 2019/2020 STEM award for schools.

Over the course of the year we will be posting diary entries, photos and video blogs about our exciting journey. By the end of the academic year we hope to have a structure built from eco-bricks in which we will be showcasing different year group’s STEM work each half term- we are so excited and love the fact that every child will be involved with support from Rolls Royce engineers.

Our main aim is to educate our local community- we want people to stop throwing rubbish around our local area and also to use more reusable materials- we think we can do it!

July 2019

During the summer pupils were asked to research aspects of recycling and make a model to show what they had learnt.

These are a few of our homework heroes – a recycling centre made from recyclable materials with an explanation of how it works and a marine scape depicting the marine animals who have been affected by the effects of rubbish being dumped in the sea, made out of the very materials which are harming them- amazing projects and a great start to our journey!


September 2019

We have also started collecting the plastic rubbish we hope to recycle into eco-bricks.


October 2019

Different year groups are taking part in workshops about recycling to make sure our pupils understand it’s importance before we engage on our project.

We have also started a STEM after school club where our STEM experts have been investigating structures- they will advise us later on in our project!