The Thrive Hub is a community initiative led by 22 schools in the Dewsbury area, who want to give the children in their care the best start in life by working with their families and local community to deliver sustainable services, resources and support structures. Thrive is made up of three clusters of schools; Thrive South, Thrive East and Thrive West. Boothroyd Primary Academy is part of the Thrive West cluster.

We are working together as a whole and in our clusters to improve the opportunities available to our children whilst they are in our care.  As we develop we will be working hard to organise community activities, signpost the support available in our communities to our children and families, sharing best practice amongst our schools, working with external agencies to improve the resources available locally and helping our area “thrive”.

The Thrive Hub mission statement is to:

  • – meet the needs of our children, from cradle to career, such that they can benefit fully from the teaching and learning within their schools and develop into healthy and productive young adults
  • – create collaborative, constructive links within the school’s network and between different agencies to ensure effective and efficient and targeted use of scarce resources for the benefit of the families in our care

Please check the school newsletter and website for activities and events available to parents/carers, children and families. Alternatively, speak to Gail Swaine who is ourThrive Hub Coordinator) .