Parent Workshops

We are proud to regularly invite parents to workshops to support their child’s learning at home. The workshops are run in a friendly, informal manner with practical activities, opportunities to ask questions and uses teachers’ expertise alongside the chance to see and obtain resources to support parents with their children’s education.

We are continually trying to meet the needs of our pupils and school community, therefore if you have any feedback regarding the workshops please see Mrs Williams-Kendall.

Parent workshops 2017 – 18

Autumn term

EYFS Phonics workshop (2 sessions) – September 2017

KS1 Maths Parent workshop (3 sessions) – October 2017

Maths Basic Skills – Resource

SEND Parent workshop – November 2017

KS1 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar workshop (3 sessions) – November / December 2017

SPAG KS1 – Resource

English_Glossary – Resource

English_Appendix_2_-_Vocabulary_grammar_and_punctuation – Resource

Lower KS2 (year three & four) Reading workshops (2 sessions) – November 2017

Reading workshop – LKS2 – Resource

LGBT workshop – December 2017

LGBT training – Resource


Spring term workshops 

Spring term workshop offer – (letter with dates and times)

Upper KS2 (year five & six) Reading workshop – Now moved to February 2018

Internet Safety workshop  – February 2018


Meta cognition workshop – February 2018

Diversity / LGBT workshop – March 2018

Diversity parent workshop

Mathematical Reasoning – March 2018


Summer term workshops 

Summer term workshop letter

Mathematical reasoning for all parents (1 session) – April 2018

Key stage one Maths Number (2 sessions) – May 2018

Number activities for in the home and as outdoor learning experiences

Numicon resources from website

Numicon resources

Key stage two Maths Number (2 sessions) – May 2018

Key stage two Editing (2 sessions) – June 2018

Supporting your child with transition – July 2018