School council review

We asked our school council representatives to review their year in office-

What have you enjoyed most about your time as a school council member?

-going to the meetings and making new friends

-winning the competitions

-meeting the mps

-being a leader and taking responsibility

Do you think the role is an important one for Boothroyd?

-yes, it is a chance to improve the school

-yes, because we get to make decisions

-yes, you are representing your year group

-yes, they decide on areas that need improving and make the pupils happy

How has the school council made a difference to pupils and families?

-we have done surverys to improve school life for pupils

-we have brought families closer to their children’s learning

-families know their children are safe and having a good time

-we have made the school more family friendly

-the uniform exchange has helped families

Have you learnt any new skills during your time as a school council member?

-creativity skills, remembering skills

-I have learnt to be more fair

-I have learnt to speak up more

-I have built my confidence

-I have learnt how to work as part of a team

-confident in sharing ideas