School Captains

We have two school captains who are our representatives chosen by their peers ( a new term for Head Girl/Boy): They are also our diversity champions.

Fathma Khan

Maisha Chowdhury







This is their blog about Boothroyd Primary Academy which will be updated every half term:

Autumn Term-1st half

We are really happy that we have been chosen to be school captains because we think it’s a very important role and we love the school.

We want to help all the pupils to improve our school even more and want to make sure everyone is welcome. We are supportive of the school’s aim to be an inclusive school and are the diversity champions for Boothroyd. We think we are a competitive school- we are always entering competitions and we win quite a few because we try hard and never give up!

Boothroyd is a great school , we have teachers who make learning fun and we already have some super memories of the academic year so far-

The photo we created of the whole school for diversity week was amazing- we all had to wear specific colours and this produced the LGBTQ+ flag. We have already had non-uniform days and have been on two school trips to being our learning to life- watch this space for more from us!