School Council

Our school captains for 2018-19

The role of school captains at Boothroyd is a special one, offered to year 6 children that demonstrate responsibility, impeccable behaviour, strong communication and leadership skills. It requires children that are held in high regard by both children and staff and that are willing and able to promote the school’s core values. The main purpose of their role is to support the Leadership Team in promoting and representing the school. Both school captains support the school council with events throughout the year and the pupil priority.


Please find below more information about the role of school captains at our school.
Democracy in action at Boothroyd Primary Academy

Our school council 2018-19

Our School Council representatives were elected for showing the following skills:

  • Reliable– do the things you promise and remember to go to meetings
  • Fair and impartial– represent views clearly, even those you don’t agree with
  • Thoughtful and truthful– think about feelings and thoughts before you speak
  • A good listener– really listen to both sides of a debate
  • A good speaker– take an active and effective part in discussions
  • Accurate and efficient– make notes and report back to the form
School Council Contract

School Council progress 2018-19

Autumn term

  • Curriculum posters created (knowledge and skills)
  • School community parent parking posters created
  • Collecting and counting Children in Need donations

School Council Meeting Minutes

School Council Meeting Record 20.11.18

School Council Impact 2017 – 18


  • Interviewed Paula Sherriff MP on her role in parliament and Dewsbury
  • Won Crow Nest Park Christmas tree competition with LGBTQ+ themed tree
  • Wrote and presented Internet safety assembly to KS2
  • Updated playground markings in KS1 and KS2 playground
  • Introduction of music at play times
  • Batley food bank visit and donations collected in Autumn term
  • Children in Need donations collected and collated with cakes sold
  • Learning pit ‘What do I do if I am stuck?’ posters created
  • Won Kirklees ‘Bling a bike’ competition
  • Finalists and winners of Yorkshire regional competition ‘Bling a bike’
  • Initiated Kirklees council funding to support road safety measures on Cemetery Road (to take place 2019)
  • Worked in partnership with Thornhill I & J school on recycling project


Recycling initiative and collaboration with Thornhill School Council 

In the Spring term, the school council completed a joint recycling project with Thornhill Infant & Junior school. Click on the link below to read the article that was featured in the Yorkshire Post.


Boothroyd wins in the Kirklees and Regional final of ‘Bling a bike’ competition.


Boothroyd wins the Regional Yorkshire ‘Bling a bike’ competition as part of the School Cycle Tour 2018. Click on the link below to read the article that was featured by Kirklees Council

Boothroyd Primary Academy Wins Regional

Please find examples of the School Council meeting minutes from 2017-18.

School Council Meeting Record 1.11.17

School Council Meeting Record 10.11.17

School Council Meeting Record 16.02.18

School Council Meeting Record22.5.18