Hello and welcome to the music page!
The music page will show photo’s and videos of the children making progress on their instruments throughout the year and will be regularly updated.  We will also publish dates of future events and let you know what is happening and when.  We are very excited that we have two music clubs up and running this year.  Monday is School Choir and Tuesday is the brand new Ukulele Club.  There are several events for these two clubs during the year and they are already working hard in preparation for their big performances.  If your child is interested in joining one of these clubs, then please come and find me so i can see if there are any free places available.

We also now have Musica Kirklees coming into our school to teach individual music lessons.  If you child would like an individual music lesson then please come and speak to me so I can let you have the required paperwork.  These lessons do cost money but are well worth it for your child to have this great experience of learning to play a musical instrument.

If I can help in anyway please come and find me.

Many Thanks
Peter Simons
Director of Music

Up and coming events

December 2019 – Date to be confirmed – Celebration Concert for Years 1,2 School Choir and Ukulele Club

February 13th – Mrs Sunderland Singing Festival – School Choir

March 2019 – Date to be confirmed – Celebration Concert for Years 3,4 School Choir and Ukulele Club

24th March – Focus-Trust Music Festival 2020 – School Choir and Ukulele Club

16th – 18th June – Primary Music Festival 2020 – School Choir

July 2020 – A Musical Celebration – Year 1,2,3,4 School Choir and Ukulele Club

Year 1 are learning the ocarina this year
Year 2 are learning the recorder this year
Year 3 are learning the ukulele this year
Year 4 are learning the keyboard this year

Autumn Term – What has your child been learning in music this term?

This term the children in Year 1 have been learning about pulse and rhythm. They have learnt how to read some of the basic rhythm cards and can play these on the hand drums. They have learnt to notes on the Ocarina and are starting to learn how to read music. They are also learning how to make a good sound on the Ocarina and the correct technique. The students have also had singing sessions and are currently learning call and response songs to help improve their pitch and intonation.

This term in Year 2 the children have been continuing their learning of pulse and rhythm from last year and are now playing all of the basic rhythm cards accurately on the hand drum. They have learnt two notes on the recorder and are learning how to read music and swap fingers to produce different notes.   They are learning the correct technique and know how to make a good secure sound on the recorder. The students have also had singing sessions and are currently learning a Spanish song and lots of action songs to help improve their pitch and intonation even further.

This term in Year 3 the children have been securing their knowledge and skills o pulse and rhythm and have transferred their skills on to the Ukulele. They can play all of the basic rhythm cards and are now moving onto the more advanced rhythms. They have learnt three chords on the Ukulele with correct technique, and they can sing and play three songs with secure intonation and good singing. They are learning how to read chord notation on songs and how to change chords quickly without stopping.

This term in Year 4 the children have been learning how to play the keyboard. They have transferred their skills and knowledge of the rhythm cards onto the keyboard and have learnt to play all of the advanced rhythms on the keyboard. Everyone has learnt how to play hot cross buns with secure technique with both hands and we are now working on the 12 bar blues and jingle bells. The children are learning how to read keyboard music fluently and which fingers to use for each note.

Buying a musical instrument

Buying your child an instrument would really help them make faster progress and makes an excellent celebration gift for them.  Please see the link for help on how to buy a good quality but affordable instrument.  Please don’t just buy one a cheap one from the internet as many of these are toys and are not suitable for music lessons.

A Guide to buying an instrument

2019-2020 Events


2018-19 Events

Focus Trust Music Festival 2019.

The school choir took part in the music festival this year and gave a brilliant performance of One Call Away.  They sang really well and had so many positive comments on their performance from teachers all over the trust.  One of our students was also the host for the afternoon and did a brilliant job of introducing each school and leading the applause.  Well done to the school choir for a magnificent concert.

Opera Trip 2019.

14 children from Year 5 and 6 where lucky enough to come to the Opera with Mr Simons at the Leeds Grand Theatre to watch Mozart’s’ The Magic Flute.  It was a different experience for the children and gave them the opportunity to watch a live opera which none of them had ever experienced before. 

Year 2 writing and performing their own compositions.  February 2019.


Year 1 writing their own compositions and learning to play them.

CD Recording 2018.

Here is the front cover designed by one of our Year 2 students.

Here is the school choir singing Shotgun as a little taster for you!


Music Curriculum – September
Year 1
Here are the compositions year 1 have written and performed on their drums.  They were fantastic and I was so proud of them all.

Here is a video of one of the Year 1’s performing his own composition after only 5 music lessons.  This is very impressive!

Year 2
Year 2 have been learning how to sing in tune and have been practicing singing solos in class.

Year 2 have also been learning how to read, write and play musical notation.

Year 2 have also learn how to play two notes on the recorder.  Check out their video below!

Year 3
Here is year 3 singing and playing their ukuleles after only 3 lessons.  We are very proud of them!

Year 4

Year 4 have been learning to play the Keyboard.  We are really proud of the students as they have all learnt how to play using a secure handshape in only 6 lessons.

The children have learnt to play Jingle Bells with two hands… not bad after only 12 lessons!

Check out the 12 bar blues video below as well!

Boothroyd Singers
Boothroyd Singers meet on a Monday evening from 3.00 – 4.00pm.
Anyone from KS2 is welcome to come and join us.  When we record a song we will put it on this page for you all to watch and enjoy.

Shotgun on rehearsal number two!  A really great effort by everyone well done!

One Call Away on rehearsal three! Well done to our soloist!