Music for KS2

KS2 Music

Download a free version of dance E-jay and get composing your own dance music! Enjoy and don’t forget to send your composition to your teacher so they can listen to your cool music.

Music work for KS2

Instruments of the orchestra

Below are 4 PowerPoint which teach you about the four different sections of an orchestra.  There are lots of links to YouTube clips.  Anything that is green is a link so press on them to listen to the clips and discover all about the instruments of the orchestra.


Wind Instruments+of+the+Orchestr

String Instruments+of+the+Orchestr percussion

Instruments+of+the+Orchestr brass

Rhythm Cards

Rhythm cards powerpoint

Get some pots and pans and have fun drumming the rhythm cards using wooden spoons.  You can even teach your family how to read music!

Learning to read music

Below is the PowerPoint on how to read music which we have done in class.  Work through it and then try the online quiz!

Reading Music

treble clef sheet 1 treble clef sheet 2 Treble clef sheet 3

Here is the online game link:

KS2 Singing

Why don’t you learn a song that you like and practice it to sing to your family and have a little concert.  Perhaps everyone in your house could sing a song and you could have a karaoke session together as a family!

Learning about a composer

Research all about Tchaikovsky and his famous Ballet – the nutcracker.

Key questions to research:

When and where did he live?

What else was happening in the world at this time?

Why did they write the nutcracker?

When and where was it first performed?

Tell me all about Tchaikovsky’s life, what he got upto and why he became a composer.

Find out interesting facts about him.

What where his other famous compositions?

Who where his contemporaries?

Who was his teacher and where they famous?

Tell me about his family.


On line Music Games