Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is one of the reasons children love coming to our school!
We see our role as providing children with a curriculum which:
 Excites and engages them
Challenges them and stimulates their natural curiosity
Prepares them for life
Instills a love of learning
Grows capable citizens who add value to their communities

Please find more details below:


Curriculum Subjects – Signature Pedagogy

Developing vocabulary across the curriculum

Developing retention across the curriculum

Curriculum-Overview Early Years

Below are our curriculum overviews for Maths, English, Computing, Science, PE and our Extended Curriculum providing information on how these areas are taught at Boothroyd.

Curriculum-Overview for English

Curriculum-Overview for Maths

Curriculum-Overview for Computing


Curriculum-Overview for PE

Curriculum-Overview for extended curriculum and learn 2 learn sessions

Please find below information about our after school club

After School Club Overview

Please find below information about school trips this year

School Trips

Please find below information on how the academy provides further enrichment opportunities for pupils

Enrichment opportunities summary

Please find below pupil feedback about the knowledge pupils gained and their favourite moments while on recent school trips (2018-19).

Whitby year 6

Eden Camp – year 6

Beamish year 4

Titanic – year 2 (sheet 1)  

Titanic – Year 2 (sheet 2)

White Quarry Farm – year 1