Practical ideas for learning

We have put some ideas for practical learning at home- please remember that most learning takes place outside of the classroom!

Reception Practical Maths Activities

How many of these can your child answer yes to?

  1. Can you tie your own show laces?
  2. Can you set the table during mealtimes?
  3. Can you fold the washing or hang it onto coat hangers?
  4. Can you listen to younger siblings read or reads to them?
  5. Can you complete a task without any help?
  6. Can you follow a simple recipe to make something?
  7. Can you make your own bed?
  8. Can you clean your room?
  9. Can you empty the bin?
  10. Can you wash up or sort out the dishwasher?
  11. Can you call a family member on your own and have a chat with them?
  12. Can you make yourself a healthy snack?
  13. Can you clean your shoes?
  14. Can you help in the garden?

10 things to teach your child:

100 things to do with your child: